Nations At War

A role-playing action PVP server.


Unfortunately, without a server and without testing going on, having applications open would just be a giant tease and unfair to those trying to join us. We won’t be accepting any new applications until we’re ready to show some real progress. We’ll also be closing the forum registration and locking down the Visitor’s Center to combat the waves upon waves of spam we deal with.

When we’re ready to re-open, we will make many large and glorious announcements to all corners of the internets. In our fresh start, we’ll be revisiting the whitelist and cleaning it. If you’ve been a member in the past, you don’t have to worry, you’ll still have a bed in our village to come back to.

Stick around. The community will still be reading, the forums will still be here, so this doesn’t mark the end. We’ll still be playing other games with each other and debating the necessities of mounted combat in the interim. If you need something in particular from the admins, we’ll definitely still be in IRC and monitoring the forums, don’t fret.

We will be back soon enough with great news for the next season.